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Meet Lori Lamont


Lori is a certified Matrix Reimprinting & Advanced AAMET EFT Practitioner focused on Female Empowerment Coaching & SO much more! 

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EFT Tapping points, meridian channels, Matrix Reimprinting

Learn about Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting

EFT for Mothers


There is power in using EFT as a mother. By shifting your own energy you have a ripple effect on your family. the benefits are life changing.  

Lori Live / Workshops


Check out the upcoming workshops and speaking events Lori will be participating in. 

Praise for Female Empowerment EFT

Lori has been empowering women for years!

Lori has been empowering women for years.  Take a look at these testimonials from women just like you. 

Individual Sessions

Lori Lamont, owner of Female Empowerment EFT and Deliberate Manifestation using tapping with clients

Are you ready to take the next step on your empowerment journey? Learn what Lori can offer you in personal sessions.  

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Female Empowerment EFT

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 Lori Lamont is not a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist or any other type of medical physician 

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TappingQandA Podcast

Listen to Gene Monterastelli interview Lori Lamont on the topic of her new EFT process that is instrumental in getting to the bottom of issues, fears and belief that are preventing you from your desires and intentions. This tool is simple and absolutely crucial in releasing resistance and blocks. 

Getting To The Bottom Of It

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