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Lori offers a wide variety of workshops that are engaging, educational and fun. Lori's goal is to always make sure that people are comfortable tapping on their own by the end of the program.  A favorite among Wellness Studios, Libraries, Energy Events and Health Expos, Lori has a workshop for every venue. Below is a list of the most popular workshops offered.  If you don't see what you are looking for below, reach out to Lori and see if she can custom tailor a workshop for your group.

Tapping Into Health


Lori's most popular workshop.  This workshop was packed at the 2016 Natural Expo with tremendous feedback. In this workshop, you learn how to use EFT to alleviate, and in many cases, completely release physical pain.  You also learn how to increase your energy and improve your sleep.  

Tapping Out Cravings


In this workshop, you are taught just how simple it is to use EFT to curb the cravings.  We use Chocolate and Potato Chips as our triggers, but if you have something specific that you are craving, bring it to the workshop!  You no longer need to be controlled by cravings.  

Harness Your Energy


In this workshop you will learn just how powerful you are. We will meditate, tap and create energy wands. You will have the opportunity to not only learn about your energy but to also regulate yourself, raise your vibration and master your life. 

Tapping Into Prosperity


In this workshop, Lori uses EFT to connect you to the inner blocks, programming and resistance to your fullest financial potential. This workshop gives you tools to use on your own as well as raises your financial vibration.  

Tapping Into Your Angels


Angels are everywhere.  They are available to help you at any time, but you need to ask first!  In this workshop, we use tapping along with angel communication. The angels are always there, but the tapping allows us to be more receptive to their messages.  

Surrogate Tapping


Learn how you can use EFT for other people around you.  This tool is especially great for children and pets. You can learn how to improve health and relationships in your loved ones with this simple and effective tool. 

Upcoming Workshops

EFT 101, Online


 Join Lori Lamont, Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner as she teaches you the basics of EFT/Tapping in an online format.  Learn how to reduce stress and pain while increasing your energy and improving your mood in this interactive and fun workshop.   

EFT for Parents, Online


 Join Lori Lamont, Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner and mother of four as she teaches you the basics of EFT/Tapping for the family in an online format.  Learn how to reduce stress and create harmony in your home through this interactive and fun workshop.   

EFT Value Workshop Combo


 Register for both online workshops and save $15

Learn how to reduce stress, create harmony in the home, increase energy and help you entire family in the process. 

Workshop / Presentation Testimonials

HeartSong, Milford MA

 Lori Lamont spoke at HeartSong Spiritual Wellness several times. We invited her back over and over as she had lots of skills and talents to share with the Center. Her expertise, demonstration, and knowledge benefited all attendees who participated.

Jacki Rose, Director of HeartSong Spiritual Wellness

Go With The Flow, Norton MA

As a business owner, and someone who is familiar with EFT, I searched endlessly to find a practitioner to teach a class at my Wellness Studio.  I was ecstatic when my search resulted in connecting with Lori.  Her class “Tapping Away Food Cravings” was well attended and was a success! Since the class I’ve been able to resist several food triggers and I continue to use EFT whenever I need support with emotional eating.   In addition to being an expert in her field Lori is professional, friendly, and has a special warmth about her.  I look forward to future collaborations with Lori and highly recommend her for anyone looking to work with personally or in a group setting.

Sue Wachta, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and Owner

Go With The Flow Wellness

Autumn Energy Event, Worcester MA

Lori is an excellent speaker. She has a comfortable, self-confident, and approachable presence onstage and she shares her content with warmth and clarity. Leave it to her to revisit a topic you thought you knew and give it a fresh, insightful twist! I would wholeheartedly recommend Lori for talking engagements, whether online, over the phone, or in front of big crowds. You will find her engaging, relatable, and informative.

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