Tap into Superhero-Mom

Tap into your Superhero-Mom


You already are a Superhero-Mom

You do it all. You are a caregiver, a teacher, a role model, a support system, a disciplinarian, and so much more. You provide love, food, shelter, stories, boundaries and again so much more.  You pick up the pieces when there are melt downs, drama, tantrums, stress and yes again... so much more!

But what if this role of "Mother" could be EASIER?

What if you could go through your days with ease, relaxation and peace? I know, you are probably laughing at me right now.  Living without the drama, the tantrums, the attitudes, the arguments?  I am a mother of 4 and I can tell you confidently, that it can go easier if you use EFT. 

You set the tone in the house

"If mom isn't happy then no one is happy."  There is some real truth to it, but more importantly than the feeling of "happy" is your energetic vibration. Your children are connected to you energetically. They respond to you and you respond to them. What if I told you that you could altar your energy and in turn see MASSIVE results and changes in your family?

This means LESS drama, tantrums, attitudes and stress!!!

That's right, I'm here to teach you how to use EFT in a way that will reduce your stress, change your energy and raise your vibration. It may seem too easy, or simple.  Who cares as long as it works?!  It has been working for me and for my clients for years and I'm excited to share it with you!

Cat's out of the bag

I've decided to share this expertise with you. In the online program that will set you up for success as a mother and ultimately have you feeling like a Superhero-Mom. 

Class Details


4 On-Line Meetings, Mondays- 4/29-5/20- 11 am-12 pm EST

We will meet on Zoom.  You will receive a link to access the meeting live. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer to participate. 

Recordings of the meetings will be made available to you.  Perfect for those who can't attend live. 

Secret Facebook Group of Super-Hero Mothers Like YOU

This is your network. These are your people!  This is where you can post questions, thoughts, reflections, wins and more. This is your tribe of like-minded Super-Hero Mothers. 

EFT Support and Guidance

There are many benefits of participating in the group, but the main objectives are for you to be: 

  • able to tap for yourself, to reduce your stress, to raise your vibration and energy as a whole. Check out "Ripple Effect of Personal Work"
  • proficient in surrogate tapping for your children. This is absolutely a must have tool in your parenting tool-belt.  Check out "Power of Surrogate Tapping" 
  • get acquainted with your inner voice, that inner super-hero-mom who knows you and your children.  There is power in being able to listen to that voice and know how to tap when it speaks to you. 
  • feeling peaceful as a parent.  There will still be stress, drama, fighting, etc, but you will have a tool that you can use for yourself and your family. 

Special Bonus Materials

I have some VERY special bonus materials in store for you. 

  • downloadable documents for your reference
  • meditations to help you stay on track
  • bonus videos to enhance the learning experience

Peace for your family

This is your chance to not only shift your own energy, but to shift the energy of your family.  This could completely put your family onto a new path; one of harmony, understanding, and peace. It all starts with joining our group!

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Value of Tap Into Your Superhero-Mom


4 live calls with Lori Lamont - $500 Value

Secret Facebook Group $100 Value

Bonus Downloads and Videos $100 Value

Peace in Family- PRICELESS

Total Value OVER $700

Your cost for the ENTIRE program- $99

AND, if you sign up now, you will be given the option to add a friend for just $85

Sign me up already!

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