Check out this short description of what the Sisterhood of Ideal Weight is all about. 

The Sisterhood of Ideal Weight

Not Your Average Weight Loss Program!

In fact, our focus is not even on weight loss. Weight loss is a welcomed side effect, or added bonus but not the focus.  Our focus is to honor and love our body in a way that allows lasting health in a supportive group.  We do this effectively through:


  • A Strong Support Network, aka: Sisterhood
  • Accountability Within the Sisterhood
  • ​Action Steps (group and self set)
  • ​An Openness to Heal and Change Old Habits, Beliefs and Patterns
  • ​EFT/Tapping to Curb Cravings, and to Change the Old Habits, Beliefs and Patterns.
  • Tap Into the Inner Goddess and LET HER SHINE!!!!

Why EFT/Tapping for Weight Loss?

EFT/Tapping has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol When elevated, Cortisol is known to cause: 

  • Digestive Issues
  • Unhealthy Food Cravings
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Increases Stress
  • Internal Healing Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Issues
  • Weight Gain

Diet and Exercise Alone is NOT Enough

If you have ever tried to lose weight AND keep it off, you know that just diet and exercise isn't enough.  It may work for a while, but there is another piece to the puzzle.  That piece that needs to be addressed is in your brain, in your programming, in your beliefs.  

EFT/Tapping is a powerful tool used to reprogram your beliefs.  

Tap into a HEALTHY relationship with food

EFT is a powerful tool that we use every week in many ways, but one of the most profound ways is to change the limiting beliefs and programming that we took on as children.  ​​Chances are you experienced at least a few of the following:    

  • ​Rewarded with food- "If you clean your plate you get dessert"  
  • ​Encouraged to be a "good eater"- "You ate all your peas!  What a good girl!"  
  • Punished with food- Eating cold tuna casserole for breakfast  
  • ​Member of the "Clean Plate Club"  
  • ​Guilt or shame​ if you wasted food- "Children are starving"
  • ​Important to be polite and eat what is being served  
  • ​Shame if you were ungrateful or wasted food  
  • ​Outcast or a burden for being a picky eater- "She's so picky!" aka "bad girl"  
  • ​Food is the focal point of celebration- Cake, Chips, Soda
  • ​Some foods are the enemy- usually the same foods we used in celebrations  
  • ​Guilty for eating "bad" foods  
  • ​Lack of control over diet

Beliefs and Programming

All of those beliefs and programming are affecting how you eat and crave foods today. That, of course,  is affecting how your body is functioning.  It is said that diet is responsible for 80% of your weight and overall health.  "80" is a big percentage!  Exercise alone will not do the trick.  You need to change your eating habits and, ultimately, your relationship with food.  

The first 4 weeks are focused on removing foods that have proven to be problematic; wheat, rice, corn and refined sugar.  We do this as a group, supporting each other along the way. If you want to tailor the foods that are eliminated to your needs then you are encouraged to do so. Week 5 is set up just for that. Then the remaining 7 weeks of the program are focused on the beliefs and programming around our health, our bodies and our diet.   ​This group is designed to help you to change your relationship with food in a supportive group, sisterhood, that also incorporates tapping out cravings, action steps and accountability. By shifting from impulsive or emotional eating to intuitive eating, we empower ourselves and our bodies respond amazingly!  

We Will Also Use Tapping To:

  • Curb the cravings and addictions to sugars and other "kryptonite" foods. We will remove wheat, rice, corn, refined sugar and anything else you feel led to remove.   
  • ​Heal the emotions and negative energy around the weight  
  • ​Address that it is now safe to let the weight go as we surround ourselves in self love
  • ​Strengthen our affirmations and positive aspects

12 Week Sisterhood Journey

1st Half- Removing Problematic Foods & Learning EFT

Week 1: Wheat Products

We will remove all wheat products from diet. Don't worry, we will have tapping in place to help you with the change and the cravings. 

Week 2: Rice Products

We will remove all rice products from our diet.  Again, don't worry we will be doing this as a group and have tapping options.  

Week 3: Corn Products

We will remove all corn products from our diet. This is the last of the grains that we are removing.  Again, lots of tapping in place. 

Week 4: Refined Sugar

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Week 5: Individual Diet

Individual food craving/removal from diet week.  Each person personalizes their diet this week as we continue to use tapping.  

Week 6: Law of Attraction

Half way point check-in.  Reflection of Vision statement and Wheel of Health. This weeks focus: Law of Attraction and goal setting.  

2nd Half- Shifting Beliefs & Programming about Food & Body

Week 7: Clean Plate Club

This week we focus on our programming, guilt and shame around our plate and how we eat.  

Week 8: Treat Yourself

This week we focus on our programming around deserving food and rewarding yourself with food. 

Week 9: Safe to Release

This week we tap into any protective aspects of the weight that are protecting us yet preventing weight loss. 

Week 10: Food and Money

This week we focus on wasting food as well as beliefs around healthy food costing more money.  

Week 11: Social Situations

This week we focus on how to incorporate all that you have learned in social situations.  

Week 12: Self Value

Number on Scale does NOT = my Value! Create long term goals.  Check-in with Wheal of Health.  

*Meetings are subject to change based on the group's needs.

Were you ever rewarded with food?  Check this out

What you get in the Sisterhood of Ideal Weight Pagackge

Participation in live meetings

This is an opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, concerns and challenges in real time.  One of the things that we will cover in a few of the meetings is how to use tapping for food cravings to make sure that everyone is confident in the process.  Every week there is a general topic to be covered, but the group really dictates the journey.  Each week is driven by the facebook posts, the emails sent directly to me throughout the week on topics that members want to have covered, as well as what the women live on the call want to cover.  This is YOUR group!  

Meeting Details:

  • Meets Mondays at 7:30 pm EST 
    Jan 15th -April 2nd, 2018
  • Each meeting will be recorded and made available by 10pm Monday evening. ​
  • Meetings are done on Zoom.  You can log in on any device to have video capability, or you can call in on a phone and have audio. ​
  • Each meeting will run from 60-90 minutes depending on the number of people live on the call and the content being covered. 
  • ​This group is designed for adult women of all ages. 

Access to recordings of meetings.

Many women have signed up in the past knowing that they couldn't meet at the specific time.  They simply watched at their convenience and then followed up with their presence on facebook.  Their thoughts and input were still incorporated in the call even if they were not live.   

Access to Facebook secret group

This is where a lot of the sisterhood magic happens.  This is a space to post reflections, ideas, wins and struggles.  This is a place where we hold each other accountable.  We also use this space to support each other.  In the past, women have learned more about themselves than they ever could have imagined and they did it through compassionate discussion.  This is also the forum where it became clear as day that not a single one of us is alone on this journey.  Each person in this group was raised with some form of negative programming when it came to food and/or their body image.  In this secret group, we work together as a sisterhood.  It truly is beautiful.   

Access to 3 partnerships over the 12 weeks

This is an optional element of the sisterhood.  Everyone who participates in the partnerships benefit.  Each partnership lasts 4 weeks, and then we rotate partners.  I ask that you sign up for a partner if you are serious about having a partnership and if you are serious about getting the most out of this sisterhood.  The expectations of a partnership is to connect with your partner twice in the week; once at the beginning of the week to learn your partner's actions steps and goals, again towards the end of the week to follow up on how they are doing.  Partnerships may flourish and you may find yourselves getting into more depth, but it is not necessary. Partnerships are here to help you with your accountability as well as to give you additional support.  

Additional Bonus Materials

Upon signing up, you will receive these bonuses:

  • Vision Statement Template you can alter to best suit your needs.  If you haven't used a vision statement before, you are in for a real treat!   
  • Wheel of Health Worksheet to be used before, half way, and at the end of the 12 weeks.  This is a tool to show you which aspects you need the most help on as well as a great way to mark your progress.   

Tapping out Cravings Series

Sweet Treats- How to use EFT / Tapping to curb the cravings of a sweet treat. 

Salty Snacks- How to use EFT / Tapping to curb the cravings of a salty snack. 

Comfort Foods- How to use EFT / Tapping to curb the cravings of comfort foods. 

What women are saying about:

Accountability in the Sisterhood of Ideal Weight:

 "It makes those action steps real/concrete and putting them out there to the group makes me want to do them since I am considering myself accountable to these people in this with me. It has kept me moving when I know I otherwise would not have. Every week it matters."​ 

The Sisterhood of Ideal Weight Facebook Group

 "I like to hear what other people are doing to meet their action steps and what insights they have to offer."

"I usually get something out of the posts once a day as long as people are posting. It's great to hear what is going on for others and have that support out there." 

The Sisterhood of Ideal Weight Wheel of Health:


"It made me aware of where I need focus." 

"EXTREMELY helpful. It forced me to do an honest assessment, and seeing the information represented visual helps to focus on my weakest areas but also to see progress." 

"My answers surprised me - it is a good benchmark and insight to where the issues lie not just a number on the scale!"​​ 

Tapping with the Sisterhood of Ideal Weight:

"It is the only thing I have found that gets me out of my negative way of thinking!"

"I can feel a shift when tapping"

"The tapping is the absolutely best part of the program, thanks!!!"

"I always feel better after tapping." 

The Sisterhood of Ideal Weight Tapping for food cravings:

 "I have been craving pizza all my life. LOVE the stuff. Since our first tapping on cravings, I have craved nothing, including pizza!" 

The Sisterhood of Ideal Weight Partnerships:

 "My partner was really well suited to me. I think we were just what each other needed." 

​"Go deeper with a good partner and learn more of challenges - chance for more depth"​​ 

Testimonial from Deborah in Berlin, Germany

"I had a “hate” relationship with food before I began this course.  A lifetime of taking my identity from the scale and wanting to lose weight but never finding a way.  The “way” was much deeper then I imagined and the beliefs I held more established than I realized.  It was no wonder that I could never lose the weight.  Women share many variations of the same core truths that are explored during the 10 week session.  There is something for everyone in each session and if you are a point in your life - where you realize a “diet” doesn’t work for you and you know it is your relationship with food that needs to be examined ...then this course is for you.

I am not sure I will ever get on the scale again.  I want to sense my body and when the scale used to super imposes a number it deleted my relationship to my body. The 10 week course had me paying attention to my habits, my thoughts and my choices. The tapping sessions brought to surface hidden self incrimination and replaced them with new beliefs that I had a choice in how I wanted to eat.   The partnerships provided insights into how others faced their challenges.  Somewhere along the journey, I began to take responsibility for how I wanted to feel and in so doing I came to own my body and what I put into it became love.​​" - Deborah, Berlin, Germany  (10 week Pilot participant)

Sisterhood of Ideal Weight


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  • 12 Weekly Meetings
  • Recordings to Meetings
  • Membership to the Secret Facebook Group 
  • 3 Partnerships 
  • Bonus Material Listed Above

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Sisterhood of Ideal Weight Premium Package


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The Premium Package gets you EVERYTHING in the Sisterhoodvof Ideal Weight Package listed above PLUS 6 Female Empowerment EFT Sessions that are tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR beliefs and YOUR programming.  

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