Female Empowerment EFT Sessions

Female Empowerment Sessions are a balance of Traditional EFTMatrix Reimprinting, Deliberate Manifestation & Spiritual Intuitive Guidance. Each session is unique & custom tailored to your needs. Every session's purpose is to give you clarity, inner peace & to fast track you to living your ideal life experience, whatever that means for you!

The Basics of a Session

Sessions are led by the client's goals and desires.  Depending on your needs, the session could go in a variety of directions.  On average, sessions include EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. EFT is a form of acupressure. By tapping on the meridian channels, we are able to remove blocks, resistance, issues or disturbances in your energy or chi. In the sessions, EFT is used to remove the emotional charge behind an issue in a safe, gentle and effective way. Matrix Reimprinting allows us to heal the inner child and reimprint a new empowering story that has the potential of rewriting your experience. 

There is more to a session though!  Lori also uses her expertise in Deliberate Manifestation as well. She offers a unique perspective with helping you achieve your goals and experience your desires. The Deliberate Manifestation aspect of the session is focused on what it is you want to attract. We go over different methods that could be used to expedite the manifestation. We also identify any blocks or resistance that are preventing you from manifesting your desires & achieving your highest good.  

Female Empowerment EFT Sessions  help align you to your higher self, inner wisdom, inner goddess, whatever you want to call it!  You begin to believe in yourself because you begin to understand just how much power you actually have!  You don't nee to be fixed!  You are not broken!  You have all the answers right now.  You are a woman of power.  The sessions just reconnects you to that woman, to that inner goddess that you are.  

Personal Preparation for each Session

The following are crucial in having a productive session.  Prior to each session, please be sure to: 

  • Create a safe, private  and distraction free space (if working over the phone or the computer) Your full attention to the session is vital to receive the benefits of the work. 
  • Be prompt to the session.  (The session will still end at the scheduled time so starting promptly is in your best interest) 
  • Have tissues and a glass of water near by.  

Session Details

Sessions run 50-60 minutes. 

Sessions are conducted in one of the following ways: 

  • Over the Phone 508-498-7605 
  • Video Conference through Zoom (email invitation)
  • In Person- Milford, MA

Modalities Used in a Session

The assortment of tools that may be used in any given session are vast.  The main modalities are:

Prior to first session

You will receive a free discovery call lasting 20-30 minutes to determine if Female Empowerment EFT sessions are a good fit for you.  This consultation will be done either over the phone or on a video conference. 

EFT for Mothers


If you are a mother, then EFT can help you and your children

I have learned first hand the power of using EFT with myself and in turn with my children. I have since been working with mothers around the globe, teaching them how they can use EFT to reduce their own stress, empower their children, surrogately tap for their children and much more. You can do this too! For mothers and children, Lori allows mother and child to share the sessions in the 3 or 6 month program offerings, giving both mother and child the support they need to create real change. 

Testimonial from a Mom with child experiencing anxiety:

"There is a definite difference- she has been tapping at night and before she goes to sleep at night.  She has not had to see the nurse or counselor all week at school .  Not to say that the feelings of anxiety are not there anymore, but she has had a definite difference in ability to work through them and cope on a much better level!  Just wanted to keep in touch with you and let you know what a difference we are seeing so far." 

If you would like to learn how you can use EFT in your family


TappingQandA Podcast

Listen to Gene Monterastelli interview Lori Lamont on the topic of her new EFT process that is instrumental in getting to the bottom of issues, fears and belief that are preventing you from your desires and intentions. This tool is simple and absolutely crucial in releasing resistance and blocks. 

Getting To The Bottom Of It

Praise for Sessions with Lori Lamont

"I always leave my in person meeting with Lori, in the most amazing mood. My whole body takes on a new and improved energy. I am always filled with enlightenment, strength, ideas, and the feelings that there is no stopping me. The in person meetings are AMAZING." 

Praise from Treena, British Columbia

"Wow! I had the most amazing EFT session with Lori Lamont!  Kudos to you girl!  I am so grateful to her and Arch Angel Michael for overseeing the session.  We got to a CORE issue in ONE session! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!" -Treena,  B.C.  

Praise from Mary, Massachusetts

"I met with Lori for EFT for some long standing emotional blocks that were keeping from living fully the life I had imagined.  She is a caring professional, who knows how to help root out old tired well worn beliefs and imprinting. I felt much better even before the session was done, confident I can more forward without taking any past issues with me.  I highly recommend and trust her services to be beneficial to anyone seeking positive change."  -Mary, MA 

Praise from Eileen, Massachusetts

"My ten year old daughter had become increasingly afraid of bees after being stung when she was 3.  It escalated to the point that when she was outside, she would become paralyzed by fear at seeing any insect fly by her.  She began to avoid going outside.  When she did go outside to play, the playtime would more often than not end with her either screaming or looking ashen and frozen in her spot because something flew by.  And the insect didn't have to be in close proximity- she could see it 10 feet away and still be affected.   With a strong belief in energy psychology, I made an appointment for Lori to work with my daughter.  Within two sessions she was able to help my daughter reduce her fear to the point that she spent most of her autumn afternoons playing outside with her younger sister.  She had many opportunities to fall back into old patterns because there were still plenty of flying insects about.  But she maintained an air of indifference to them.  I watched her be aware of insects flying close to her and was fascinated to observe that she remained detached, almost indifferent to them. I am grateful that the EFT was so effective.  But I feel strongly that it was also Lori's ability as a practitioner to connect with my daughter, making her feel safe and comfortable, that optimized the treatment and produced such profound results." - Eileen, MA  

Client Agreement Form

Lori Lamont is not a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist or any other type of medical physician. 

Please download and read the complete Client Agreement Form.