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Welcome to the Magical Wealth in YOU!

Where you tap into your inner power to experience a life of Total Wealth.  

~Supportive & Loving Relationships
~Healthy, Vibrant  & Thriving Body
~Fulfilling & Fun Work Environment 

~Spiritual Connection to Higher Self  & Others
~Financial  Security & Knowing that You Are Safe
​~Financial Freedom to Make ANY Choices You Want
~Complete Serenity; Experiencing Love, Calm & Peace 

It's called "Magical" because once you understand and implement the material, it works like magic.

This program is perfect for intuitive women that are committed to getting out of their financial ruts.  If you look back on the past 5, 10 or even 20 years of your life and are realizing that the last thing you want to experience is another 5, 10 or 20 years of the same, then you are a good fit for the MWY program.  This program takes you step by step as you reclaim your power, climb out of your ruts and shift yourself to a completely different life experience- one of total wealth.     

9 Life Altering Lessons​

  • Law of Attraction 101
  • Subconscious and Limiting Beliefs
  • Ego and Spirit
  • Soul Contracts and Relationships
  • Universal Flow / Giving and Receiving
  • Chakras and Tree of Life
  • Health and Kabbalah
  • Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Conscious Living

You Call the Shots

​Everyone learns differently.  The MWY is made up of a wide variety of learning styles with exercises that are written, physical (don't worry, no push-ups), visualization, tapping, energetic, artistic & creative. There is a wide variety of meditations too!  You are bound to find a meditation style that suits you best.
​The MWY is designed to move at YOUR pace.  You watch the videos on your own time, and watch them as many times as you'd like. YOU call the shots in the MWY.  

Material Included in Magical Wealth in YOU!

Law of Attraction 101


LOA 101

The Law of Attraction is the law that states that like attracts like.  Basically, what you focus your attention on through your words, thoughts, emotions and ultimately vibrations you will attract more of the same into your life.  This is an ancient Universal Truth that has the potential to completely change your life. 

Law of Attraction 101​ is one of the three core fundamental teaching in the Magical Wealth in YOU! In order to experience true wealth; financial freedom & serenity along with a healthy thriving body, supportive loving relationships and feeling of inner peace & spiritual connection, you must master the Law of Attraction.  Many people have watched or read "the Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and have either come to the conclusion that they already know all there is to know, or that it is all a bunch of bull.  To those who know it all, then Congratulations!!!  However, if you are not experiencing total and true wealth, then there is still more to learn and apply into your life. If you are one of the sceptics who perhaps gave it a chance but didn't get the desired results, I invite you to give the MWY a chance.  There is SO much more to tapping into your inner magical wealth than what can be put into a small book, or movie.  Rhonda did an amazing job at opening up the door for millions of people.  The MWY is here to put ALL the pieces in front of you so you can create real lasting wealth.  

-Law of Attraction 101 Video (43 minutes)

​Learn how the law of attraction works at all times in your life.  Learn the in's and out's of the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to your overall wealth. Become aware of the "loop holes" that may have been tripping you up over the years.  Connect to your internal GPS system to understand how you are vibrating and just how to improve that vibration. Even if you see yourself as being an LOA expert, if you are not experiencing total wealth, then you will benefit from this lesson.

-LOA 101 Worksheet

​Set your life's intentions, get clear about your goals, create a vision board, write a powerful vision statement and more! 

-Let's get Practical; Money and The Law of Attraction Video (23 minutes)

​In this short practical video, you learn how to apply what you have learned to your every day life and finances. 

-Wealth Consciousness Meditation (9 minutes)​​

Use this simple meditation as often as you are led to.  This meditation opens up your ability to receive more wealth, health, love, and ideas.   

Subconscious and Limiting Beliefs


Subconscious and Limiting Beliefs

This iceberg represents your brain.  The top portion is your conscious mind; the part of you that makes conscious thoughts, words, and actions.  The part under the water is the subconscious mind.  This is the part of you that is functioning based on childhood programing and tribal vows. The subconscious is survival based and not very rational.  It has formulated limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back and preventing you from experiencing total wealth.  The good news is you can change all that! 

Subconscious and Limiting Beliefs​ are one of the three core fundamental teaching in the Magical Wealth in YOU program. In order to experience true wealth; financial freedom and serenity along with a healthy thriving body, supportive loving relationships and feeling of inner peace and spiritual connection, you must understand how the subconscious mind works and how it has formulated limiting beliefs.  The subconscious is responsible for over 90% of your thoughts, words, actions and emotions.  None of that mattered when your thoughts were just things in your head, perhaps a self narration.  ALL of that changes when you understand how powerful your thoughts are and how they are creating you life experiences.  The subconscious mind was programmed in the first 6 years of your life.  That means that more than 90% of your thoughts are being driven by what you learned in your first few years of life.  The only way to totally empower yourself is to  understand how the subconscious mind works, how it formulates limiting beliefs, and then to change those beliefs into empowering ones.  If you are not experiencing total and true wealth, then you have limiting beliefs that are blocking you from your higher good.  They are not rational.  They are not even keeping you safe.  They are preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, If you are one of the skeptics who perhaps gave the law of attraction a chance but didn't get the desired results, then I am willing to bet that you were coming at it from a conscious mind only and hadn't made any shift with the subconscious mind.  You can only get so far with conscious mind.  In order to have the total wealth, the subconscious must get on board. That's where the MWY program comes in!  The MWY is here to put ALL the pieces in front of you so you can create real lasting wealth.  .

-Subconscious and Limiting Beliefs Video (50 minutes)

​Learn just how powerful the Subconscious mind is and how it has prevented you from getting out of your wealth rut.  Learn about the amygdala, and how your basic primal instincts are preventing you from getting the total wealth that you desire.  Come to understand what a limiting belief is, how it has been holding you back, and how to change it.  

-Subconscious and Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

​Identify your Basic Assumptions as well as your main way of dealing with issues; fight, flight or freeze.  Assess your wheel of wealth and determine where your basic assumptions are holding you back. Learn how to identify, assess and dis-empower your limiting beliefs.  

-Practical Tribal Vows Video (14 minutes)

In this video you learn what a tribal vow is, how they have shaped your current finances and how to change them.  

-Tapping Meditation (13 minutes)

Use tapping for some common limiting beliefs; "I'm not good enough" and "I have to work hard".  Use the tapping as a form of meditation as you begin to open yourself up to the possibility of letting those limiting beliefs go. ​  

Ego and Spirit


Ego and Spirit

Your ego is the fear based / human part of your existence.  It is focused on separation and survival.  It is the dam in this picture, attempting to separate the water. Your Spirit is the love based/ energy part of your existence.  It is focused on connection and unity. It is the free flowing water in this image. 

Ego and Spirit​ is one of the three core fundamental teachings in the Magical Wealth in YOU program. In order to experience true wealth; financial freedom & serenity along with a healthy thriving body, supportive loving relationships and feeling of inner peace & spiritual connection, you must come to know and identify when you're acting out of ego and when you are acting through spirit. The ego is powered by fear and separation.  It is the part of you that judges, experiences guilt, shame, and anxiety.  When you see the ego for what it really is, you are able to move through life as your spirit.  You act out of love, you experience joy, bliss and enthusiasm. Life is so much fun when you are living in spirit.  A great way to do this is to join the MWY tribe. The MWY is here to put ALL the pieces in front of you so you can create real lasting wealth.  

-Ego and Spirit Video (47 minutes)

Learn all about the ego and the spirit in this eye opening video.  Learn how you are loving energy at your core.  Learn how to dis-empower the ego and step out of it's shadow. You can connect to your spirit-self, higher-self, inner-love. All you have to do is understand the ego and what it stands for.  The more you move through this lesson, the smaller the ego becomes as the spirit connection grows. Learn about "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.  See how following the Four Agreements helps you to connect to your spirit self.   

-Ego and Spirit Worksheet

Create powerful affirmations that can help you to reprogram your subconscious and dis-empower the ego. Review the ego/spirit comparison and the Four Agreements. Re-assess your Life's Intentions and connect them to your spirit. 

-Practical Affirmations Video (24 minutes)

​Learn how affirmations are powerful key to your total wealth in this video.  We go over practical ways to use affirmations in and for any situation.  

-Spirit Self Meditation (8 minutes)

Connect to your higher self in this beautiful meditation originally written by Jo-Ellen Stone and adapted by Lori Lamont.   

Soul Contracts and Relationships


Soul Contracts and Relationships

Every person in your life is here for a purpose.  Soul Contracts are the deals that we made with souls before entering this life. Our Soul wanted to experience, and most likely master something. Those people in your life (good and bad) are here to help you fulfill that purpose. 

Soul Contracts and Relationships are one of the six supportive topics in the Magical Wealth in YOU program. In order to experience true wealth you must be surrounded by loving and supportive relationships.  You also should have the ability to forgive easily. When we hold onto resentment, we create blocks that prevent us from receiving the relationships, experiences and financial freedom that we desire and deserve. We also create stress and health issues in our bodies.  The ability to forgive may just be the most important trait in total wealth. Soul Contracts and Relationships is a crucial piece of the MWY program in helping you to create real lasting wealth.

-Soul Contracts and Relationships Video (56 minutes)

​Learn about soul circles, soul contracts, patterns, teachers, mirrors and more in this informative and insightful video focused on all the aspects of human relationships.  This video helps you put what you have learned in the first three videos to practical use.  You can see clearly why your life is on the path it is on when you come to the understanding of how other people have been providing opportunities for you to grow.  This video is definitely a new way of seeing your world and all of your relationships.  Never again will you simply be a victim.  You hold the power.  Even if you see yourself as getting along with most people and having overall good relationships, if you are not experiencing total wealth, then you will benefit from this lesson. 

-Soul Contracts and Relationships Worksheet

​Identify your Standards of Integrity and learn how to live your life by those standards.  Become aware of your patterns and "teachers" in your life. Identify the people that are "mirroring" in your life and use a tapping script to release them.  

-Practical Forgiveness Video (9 minutes)

Let's face it, traditional forgiveness still leaves negative emotions left behind.  In this short practical video, you learn how to apply what you have learned in the main video to your every day life and relationships with this different way of approaching forgiveness. 

-OM Meditation (7 minutes)​​

 Connect to the cosmic vibration of the universe through this meditation.  We will chant the sacred sound of “OM”. The sound OM is the all encompassing sound.  It represents the past, the present, the future, all that was, all that is, all that will be. This meditation opens up your ability to receive more wealth, health, love, and ideas.  Chanting the mantra of OM is the perfect way to connect you to your soul energy, as well as to the souls of those in your circles.  

Universal Flow of Giving & Receiving


Universal Flow of Giving and Receiving

You are an integral part of the Universal Flow or Giving & Receiving.  The more you give, the more you receive.  This is not an accident!  It is because you are energy.  You are vibration. When you give, you automatically align with receiving! 

The Universal Flow of Giving & Receiving is a very important piece of the MWY program. Though some elements of the Universal Flow lesson are not commonly taught in the mainstream Law of Attraction movement, they are quite possibly the most beneficial for wealth development.  These crucial lessons focus on the Vacuum Law and Systematic Giving or "tithing".  The Vacuum Law states that when you create a void by removing what is no longer serving you, the universe rushes in to fill that space with what will serve you. Similar to when you remove a rock from the ocean floor, the ocean rushes in to fill that space. The universe does the same for you when you create a void in any aspect of your life. The second main component of the Universal Flow topic is Systematic Giving.  When you give systematically, you set yourself up for systematic receiving.  When you use both the Vacuum Law and Systematically Giving, you open yourself up to receiving the ultimate in total wealth. It may feel strange to think about this topic.  You may even feel resistance.  If you do, then that is all the more reason to give the Universal Flow topic a chance. The MWY is here to put ALL the pieces in front of you so you can create real lasting wealth.  Universal Flow is one of the most beneficial topics. ​ 

-Universal Flow/ Giving & Receiving Video (43 minutes)

​When we systematically give, we systematically receive.  Open yourself up to receiving more financial wealth, as well as improved health, relationships and inner peace through tithing. Tithing is giving 10% of your income to your spiritual food. Tithing is not a religious thing. Instead, it is a personal and spiritual tool for wealth.  Also, learn all about the Vacuum Law and how to invoke it in your every day life.  Use the simple ideas and steps to create lasting wealth in every aspect of your life.  

-Universal Flow Worksheet

Follow the exercises in this worksheet to reduce clutter and remove everything that is no longer serving you. Understand the correlation between forgiveness and debt. Become open to releasing resentment and debt as you use the tapping script for forgiveness. 

​-Practical Feng Shui Video (20 minutes)

​In this practical video, you learn how to apply simple tips to your life and to increase the wealth energy throughout your home. what you have learned to your every day life and finances.

-Universal Flow Tapping Meditation (9 minutes)​​

Use this tapping meditation, you will tap to release the old and create a sacred space for the new.   

Chakras and Tree of Life


Chakras and Tree of Life

You are made up of energy.  This energy can be viewed in different ways.  In this section, we go into the Chakras as well as the Tree of Life. We connect our Chakras to the different aspects of our lives.  By understanding the functions of each Chakra you can identify which ones need to be strengthened.  This allows you to heal and manifest in a powerful way that had previously eluded you. 

Understanding the chakras, their benefits when healthy, and issues if not healthy is very important when stepping into your power and attaining total wealth.  The chakras aren't just about spirituality.  Each chakra offers it's own unique benefits, safety, financial abundance, manifestation with ease, pleasure, sexuality, joy, personal power, love, compassion, self expression, creativity, intuition, presence & connection to spirit. The chakras are the whole package.  Interestingly, the Tree of Life is right in alignment with the chakras.  There are some differences, but also some striking similarities.  The Tree of life is the energy system that has been taught for thousands of years through Kabbalah whereas the Chakras is the energy system that has been taught for thousands of years through Hinduism, Buddhism, & Yoga.  The Chakras & Tree of Life is a very important piece of the MWY program because it gives you a very clear map of the body's energy in two offerings. This section is very hands on, as it encourages you to stimulate your senses.  It offers you physical poses as well as a powerful meditation to stimulate and balance the energy moving throughout your body.  

-Chakras and Tree of Life Video (44 minutes)

In this video, Lori goes through each chakra.  She gives you a clear picture of what each chakra has to offer you.  How to identify if there is a block or an imbalance in a chakra. She goes through the archetypes of the healthy and the unhealthy chakra.  This video, along with the worksheet, gives you a clear picture of what needs work and what parts are doing great. Lori also goes through the 11 Sephirot of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah teachings. She shows you how, though there are differences in the Tree of Life and the Chakras, there are also major similarities.  She puts the pieces together and gives you the ability to see your body, energy system and overall well-being from another perspective.   

-Chakras and Tree of Life Worksheet

​This worksheet is jam packed with chakra information.  There is a comprehensive checklist listing all the issues that may be showing up for you with an unbalanced or blocked chakra.  Then there is another comprehensive list of all the benefits of a well balance chakra.  These two check lists give you the opportunity to really identify and hone in on the chakras that need the most work as well as the chakras that are doing great.  There is also a complete list of scents and crystals that can be used to stimulate each chakra. Finally, there is a powerful tapping script of affirmations for each chakra. This information has been highly regarded by chakra experts!    

-Practical Poses for Chakra and Tree of Life Video (13 minutes)

This practical video takes you through the 7 chakras and gives you a practical pose that you can hold for anywhere from one breath up to a few minutes.  Each pose is designed to activate a chakra and a section on the tree of life. Most poses are simple enough to do in your bed before getting up in the morning or turning in at night.  ​​ ​​

-Root Chakra Meditation (10 minutes) ​

This meditation takes you deep into the root chakra.  It allows you to connect to the energy of the root chakra.  We carry this energy to the earth and then back up through our body.  Your body becomes a conduit for energy as it flows through the earth all the way up to your crown and into the universe.    

Health and Kabbalah


Health and Kabbalah

Health & Kabbalah is a powerful way of looking at your body and your overall health.  Total Wealth is dependent on a healthy body that can ENJOY the wealth!  Kabbalah teachings have a very holistic and mystical approach to our health that is a perfect compliment to this program.  

Health and Kabbalah offers a holistic and mystical way of honoring your body and, in doing so, being a critical element in the Magical Wealth in YOU program. In order to experience true wealth, you have to be able to enjoy that wealth using a healthy and thriving body.  Using the powerful book, "Matrix Healing", by Dr. Raphael Kellman, as a guide, we look at our bodies as the powerful energetic beings that they are.  We review how circumstances can effect our overall health.  Using Louise Hay's amazing book Heal your Life, we look at the connection of the metaphysical causes to our health issues as well as the parts of the body, and what they represent.  We release resentment and allow forgiveness to be a healing tool to our health.  As you know, there are more aspects to our bodies and our health than the mechanical mainstream ways of looking at it. This lesson opens the doors to such mystical health.  

-Health and Kabbalah Video (40 minutes)

Learn how your relationships, traumas, stress, resentment, regrets and fears are connected to your body and your overall health. Learn how the kabbalah teachings are designed to connect us to the light within and, in doing so, create complete healing. Take a look at the kabbalist teachings of the energy of food and water and how it relates to our body. Get familiar with a holistic approach to health and learn to listen to your body!

-Health and Kabbalah Worksheet

Identify your beliefs around your health.  Follow the steps to forgiveness work that has the potential of powerful healing. Use tapping in the forgiveness work to take it to the next level.  Complete a food log and connect the dots on where you are feeling good about your food and where you are struggling.  This worksheet also has a complete list of the tapping points along with the organs and the issues and benefits that are connected to each point. 

-Practical Tapping Connections Video (10 minutes)

Go through each tapping point and become familiar with each point's connection to the body, organs, and circulation.  See first hand new styles of tapping and "thumping" for some points. 

-Connecting to the light within Meditation (5 minutes)

Connect to your inner light with this beautiful meditation. 

Angels and Spirit Guides


Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels and Spirit Guides are everywhere!  You have a network of support at your fingertips and, chances are, you aren't using it to your highest potential. You are surrounded by Spirit Guides who are here to help you as well. They simply want to help and support you, but you have to ask!  

Angels and Spirit Guides is a fun and insightful way of looking at the Law of Attraction.  When you look at the basics for working with Angels, you can't help but notice that it is incredibly similar to working with the Law of Attraction and in manifesting your desires. Angels can not interfere with free will. They can only help you if you ask them to help you.  Once you ask them for help, they begin working on your request immediately.  Your job is to then believe, let it happen and be thankful.  It sounds so simple!  And it truly is simple.  Understanding the intricacies of the subconscious and limiting beliefs, by the time you get to the Angels and Spirit Guides lesson, you are more open and able to allow these steps to be simply life changing.  Spirit Guides are just that, they are guides.  They are giving you insight and guidance but it only works if you listen!  This section in the Magical Wealth in YOU program offers you a fresh perspective on manifesting and creating that total wealth in your life. This section opens you up to the overlooked network of support that is always just a request away.  Knowing that you have a network of angels and spirit guides can give you the confidence and support that you really need to manifest the total wealth into your life consistently.   

-Angels and Spirit Guides Video (30 minutes)

Learn all about the different types of angels and spirit guides that are available to you at all times.  Learn how you can communicate with them and how they are already trying to communicate with you.  

-Angel and Spirit Guides Worksheet

This worksheet takes you step by step through the process of angel and spirit guide communication through journaling. Learn how to communicate with other people's angels as well.  This worksheet also gives you a comprehensive list of the Archangels, what their specialties are and which ones to reach out to at which times. 

-Angel Card Practical Video (15 minutes)

Learn the practical use of Angel or other cards.  In this practical video, I use Goddess cards to demonstrate how to use the cards for yourself, how to receive messages and clear direction from the angels and spirit guides around you. 

-Angels and Spirit Guides Tapping Meditation (8 minutes)

Open yourself up to Angel and Spirit Guide communication in this tapping meditation.  Ask your angels and spirit guides for abundance and blessings.  Get comfortable and familiar with the communication that they are offering you as you tap through this meditation.  

Conscious Living


Conscious Living

To live consciously, you are aware of all aspects of life; food, physical activity, friendships and money to name a few.  You make conscious choices as you reclaim your power and wealth.  This way of living takes some practice, but the benefits are tremendous. Enjoy the Conscious Living lesson as you apply it more and more every day.  Soon it becomes second nature as you shift towards your dreams and desires.  


There are so many aspects of life that we overlook, that we just move through unconsciously.  We eat unconsciously.  We receive and spend money unconsciously. We even move through our relationships unconsciously, acting and reacting unconsciously.  It is as if we go through life asleep.  The Conscious living lesson brings you into your Conscious awareness and in turn into your power.  Conscious Living is where you get to put all that you have learned into practice in a very simple way. It is a very important piece of the MWY program.  Conscious Living takes you step-by-step from conscious grocery shopping, cooking and, of course, eating to conscious movements.  Every aspect of the Conscious Living lesson is useful and has the potential of being life altering.  Conscious money; both receiving and spending is very important in your total wealth and is broken down in a simple way.  This section is very hands on.  It offers you many physical exercises that are important pieces of the MWY so you can create real lasting wealth.  

-Conscious Living Video (52 minutes)

​Being conscious is important for every aspect of life.  This video takes you through the main aspects and gives you examples and simple ways to bring it into your life experience; conscious money, eating, physical activity, relationships and more.  This video is putting everything into practice.  

-Conscious Living Worksheet

​Create a money log to get conscious about what money is flowing to and through you. Try out the "Jenny Craig Principal" from Pam Grout's AMAZING book "E Squared" and see how you can loose weight without changing your diet.  Identify the energy of the people around you and get into alignment with what you are desiring most from relationships.  Really get on track with a joy log and more.  ​ 

-Charge Your Wallet Video (30 minutes) ​

Get out your wallet and get ready to do some Feng Shui on it!  Your wallet is the "home base" for your finances. It has a little of everything that represents your total wealth- ID, Medical, Debit, Credit, Gift and Membership Cards.  It is also holding onto a lot of other energy- business cards, trash, receipts, and who knows what else!  Time to clear out the clutter and make room for all the prosperity! This exercise helps you to be conscious of your financial home base and should be done at least once a year.  ​​  

​​-Walking Meditation (8 minutes) ​

Meditation isn't only for sitting still in a chair!  Every step you can take can get you deeper into a meditative state.  Being conscious of every movement and using that power allows you to connect with your body on a whole new level.  Allows you to enjoy your body as well as the elements as you commune with your higher self.   

- Breath Consciousness Meditations

2 Minutes of Silence:  Get comfortable with the silence. This meditation connects you to your breath and helps you to remain focused on it as you go into a deeper state of consciousness. This meditation is the "beginner" level of silence.  Once you can go for two minutes without your mind spiraling in new thoughts, then you are ready for the following breath consciousness meditation.  ​

5 Minutes of Silence:  An "intermediate" meditation of sorts.  It is essentially the same as the one above with a longer moment of silence.  Once you can do this meditation without any interruptions from your monkey mind chatter then you are ready to move into silence without the meditation video to lead you.   

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