EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT- The Basics

EFT Tapping Points

EFT- The Basics

EFT is a form of acupressure.  We tap on the meridian channels while we focus on a problem or issue. EFT aka Tapping is a holistic tool that is used as a form of energy psychology.  It is an effective tool that is used in the treatment of:

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Physical Pain
  • Weight Loss
  • Addictions
  • Fears
  • Trauma
  • Limiting Beliefs

EFT can be used for just about ANYTHING!

EFT- On A Deeper Level

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it really does just that.  When you use EFT on a deeper level, what you are doing is changing the emotional charge that is attached to fears, beliefs, memories or more.  Check out the video below to see Lori's perspective on "Tapping into Spirit" 

Science Behind EFT

When we use EFT, it has been proven that we reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body.  High cortisol levels can have a negative impact on digestion, self healing & metabolism to name a few.  Cortisol is released when the amygdala (part of the brain) is triggered by some form of danger. The dangers though are typically linked back to childhood memories and are not necessarily what you would consider a danger today. 

To get the latest research and information about EFT/Tapping visit  www.scienceoftapping.org

EFT & The Inner Child

You were not born feeling stuck, trapped, helpless, or anything else negative.  You were born perfect with all the gifts and knowledge inside of you.  And then we were exposed to our tribe! We observed and we learned at a very young age (even in the uterus) what was "safe" and what was not safe.  That inner child has been guiding your decisions as well as your manifestations throughout your life.  If that inner child learned from a young age that it wasn't safe to try something new because she had a negative experience (small or large trauma) then she will avoid new things, new relationships, new ventures.  This happens to SO many of us.  No wonder you may be feeling stuck.  If you believe it's not safe to try new things, then it would be actually safer to stay in the stuck position.  It would be safer to procrastinate, to avoid that "danger" of stepping out into the unknown.  That is where Matrix Reimprinting comes in! 

Science of Tapping

EFT for Mothers


If you are a mother, then EFT can help you and your children

I have learned first hand the power of using EFT with myself and in turn with my children. I have since been working with mothers around the globe, teaching them how they can use EFT to reduce their own stress, empower their children, surrogately tap for their children and much more. You can do this too!

If you would like to learn how you can use EFT in your family

Matrix Reimprinting


Matrix Reimprinting- The Basics

Matrix Reimprinting is a form of EFT.  Matrix is referring to your energy field.  It is the place where your memories lie. Some people imagine it as more of a data bank of your life's experiences. We use MR when you have a memory that is holding a charge in your matrix. Reimprinting is what we do after we have empowered your inner child.  We reimprint the new positive empowered energy into your matrix, your cells and your energy field. 

Matrix Reimprinting- Example

Let's say that you got lost in the grocery store when you were 5. You would go into that memory as your adult self. You would tap on the 5 year old lost you.  You would use her language and help her to feel safe. You would learn what it was that she learned about herself and /or the world in that moment, aka the limiting belief. Perhaps she learned that the world was scary.  Perhaps she learned that she needs other people to feel safe, or that she can't do things alone.  After we tap with her and use some empowerment tools, we reimprint the new belief; "it is safe to try something on my own" or "it is safe to trust myself."  

Matrix Reimprinting- Empowerment

The exciting thing about Matrix Reimprinting is that once we get into the Matrix and we begin helping, healing and empowering the inner child, more memories come to the surface.  More opportunities to heal are presented.  This means more results, more shifts, more empowerment!

Matrix Reimprinting- Even Deeper

When we are in the Matrix, we can work with the energy of other people as well.  We are not limited to only the inner child.  In some instances, we are able to go as far back as in utero as well as even to past lives! 

Matrix Reimprinting- Link

To learn more about Matrix Reimprinting, visit the home of it directly! https://www.matrixreimprinting.com/

Working With a Certified Practitioner


Tapping On Your Own

EFT is a great tool that you can absolutely use on your own.  Most people worry about what to say.  I always encourage my clients to just follow their intuition.  Just start tapping and say what is on your mind.  Tap on the points in the diagram in any order you feel comfortable with. allow yourself to tune into the issue and just say what comes to mind.  Review the PDF at the bottom of the page titled "Basic Tapping Recipe"

Working With a Certified Practitioner

There are so many benefits to working with an AAMET Advanced Certified and Accredited EFT Practitioner. Sometimes we just can't see the forest through the trees.  Working with a practitioner allows you to have someone who can see the larger picture and who has the experience and the training to help guide you through that forest so that you can get to the empowerment clearing!

EFT Advanced Practitioner

When Dealing With a Trauma

When you are dealing with a trauma, you always want to do that with a professional who is competent at helping you get through that trauma in a safe and effective way.  I would never recommend tackling a trauma by yourself, or with an uncertified practitioner.  If you have a trauma that you think you would like some resolution on, I strongly recommend that you only address it with a trained professional.  In my practice, I do deal with trauma on a regular basis, helping people to process their traumas in a gentle and therapeutic way which allows you to be in control at all times. 

EFT International / AAMET Certification

Not all certifications are created equally.  In EFT International's, formerly known as AAMET, certification process, I was required to have 50 sessions, write 4 case studies and work with a mentor individually.  Once certified, in order to maintain my certification, I need 30 hours of trainings/education as well as 6 hours of mentoring yearly. I am always working towards expanding and growing my knowledge of EFT and other healing modalities. To learn more about EFT International, visit their home page at  https://eftinternational.org/ 

Tapping Into Spirit

Check out Lori in her talk titled "Tapping into Spirit", where Lori shares her personal experience with Tapping and how she believes that it is a way to tap into spirit. Enjoy!

Praise for EFT with Lori Lamont

Jackie, DC

Jackie, DC

Jackie, DC

 "I was fortunate enough to have Lori work with me around my motion sickness and anxiety when I fly.  I need to fly often for work and it made that part of my career really untenable when I would get sick flying to and from gigs.  Lori was intuitive, patient, direct and able to help resolve this long-standing problem for me in one session.  I could not be more grateful!" - Jackie Woodside, DC 

Mary, MA

Jackie, DC

Jackie, DC

"I met with Lori for EFT for some long standing emotional blocks that were keeping from living fully the life I had imagined.  She is a caring professional, who knows how to help root out old tired well worn beliefs and imprinting. I felt much better even before the session was done, confident I can more forward without taking any past issues with me.  I highly recommend and trust her services to be beneficial to anyone seeking positive change."   

Treena, BC

Jackie, DC

Treena, BC

"Wow! I had the most amazing EFT session with Lori Lamont!  Kudos to you girl!  I am so grateful to her and Arch Angel Michael for overseeing the session.  We got to a CORE issue in ONE session! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!"  

Thea, NC

Eileen, MA

Treena, BC

 "Lori Lamont has an amazing gift. When I first went to Lori's workshop I was a true skeptic, having never heard of Deliberate Manifestation.  I was truly curious after attending her workshop and signed up for her next class. With each class, Lori showed us how to truly take charge of our lives to get exactly what we wanted using nothing more than our own positive energy.  After our weekly classes came to an end, I continued to meet with Lori and other students.  It was then that Lori introduced me to EFT... again skeptical I decided to try it.  Through some very emotional sessions, Lori was able to teach me how to use EFT to break through my own feelings and make amazing progress in overcoming subconscious obstacles that were keeping me from manifesting my final goals. Less than a year after meeting Lori, I have reached every goal I set for myself including building the home of my dreams.  Even after completing her classes, Lori makes herself available for additional help and meditation.  I am so grateful for Lori and her teaching... I would not be where I am today if it were not for her insight" 

Eileen, MA

Eileen, MA

Eileen, MA

 "My ten year old daughter had become increasingly afraid of bees after being stung when she was 3.  It escalated to the point that when she was outside, she would become paralyzed by fear at seeing any insect fly by her.  She began to avoid going outside.  When she did go outside to play, the playtime would more often than not end with her either screaming or looking ashen and frozen in her spot because something flew by.  And the insect didn't have to be in close proximity- she could see it 10 feet away and still be affected.   With a strong belief in energy psychology, I made an appointment for Lori to work with my daughter.  Within two sessions she was able to help my daughter reduce her fear to the point that she spent most of her autumn afternoons playing outside with her younger sister.  She had many opportunities to fall back into old patterns because there were still plenty of flying insects about.  But she maintained an air of indifference to them.  I watched her be aware of insects flying close to her and was fascinated to observe that she remained detached, almost indifferent to them. I am grateful that the EFT was so effective.  But I feel strongly that it was also Lori's ability as a practitioner to connect with my daughter, making her feel safe and comfortable, that optimized the treatment and produced such profound results."   

Vicki, MA

Eileen, MA

Eileen, MA

 "I've been having one on one EFT sessions with Lori off and on, as needed, for awhile.  I always come out of a session with insights into something that genuinely changes my perspective for the better and helps me to move forward with confidence.  She has used Matrix Re-imprinting to reach back into my childhood and find a memory that seems to be the root of several things with which I have struggled giving me a place to focus on healing. And then there was this most recent appointment.  WOW! Without having much of an idea of what I wanted to focus on, I simply picked an emotion and used that one word to start. Lori took that one word and started me on a path that led to no place I EVER expected and had THE BIGGEST impact that ANY therapy has had on me in the moment and on my life as a whole. It led to the biggest perspective shift I have ever felt.  She did this by being there to provide a safe space for me to explore where that emotion word might take me and provide peaceful support as I needed it. Everything she did was just perfect for me while I experienced my profound moments, including providing the tissues. This woman knows how to sit quietly as well as she knows how to guide as the need arises. Thank you is such a small way to express my gratitude, but it's all I have.  Thank you, Lori."  


TappingQandA Podcast

Listen to Gene Monterastelli interview Lori Lamont on the topic of her new EFT process that is instrumental in getting to the bottom of issues, fears and belief that are preventing you from your desires and intentions. This tool is simple and absolutely crucial in releasing resistance and blocks. 

Getting To The Bottom Of It

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